European bird populations have been cut in half in 50 years. The realization dates back to 1962 with the publication of the book Silent Spring by American biologist Rachel Carson, which helped to ban DDT in 1972, as well as the creation of the American Environmental Protection Agency. We do not know how to quantify the extinction of insects, even if the immaculate windshields of our cars allow us to imagine the extent.
The CIGO mast preserves the night life of insects. It can also support a stork. Published by the Alsatian manufacturer Rohl, this minimalist mast has been the subject of a long research work on light temperatures, in order to preserve the chronotopia, that is to say the night cycles of insects. Stealthy, it adapts to all urban, pedestrian and road configurations, and is ahead of the latest standards on public lighting to limit light pollution.
With its minimalist profile and the exceptional performance offered by its large lighting area, CIGO is deployed on many sites in France and the Benelux, including the Michelin campus, the river banks of the island of Nantes. In 2020, it incorporated the lighting charter for the Defense public spaces.